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About IVF Plus

Here at IVF Plus we are constantly expanding our company to provide you with a variety of different pregnancy related healthcare services. As part of this development, we have partnered with an IVF centre in Greece called IAKENTRO IVF.

IAKENTRO IVF clinics have collaborated with physicians and health centres all over the world to offer high-quality, affordable IVF treatment to couples and individuals who require help to conceive a child.

IAKENTRO are renowned for their:

Our partnership with IAKENTRO IVF means we can offer you affordable IVF treatments at fertility centres in Greece but your before and after care will take place here in our IVF Plus clinics across the UK.

Although it might seem like a long way to go for IVF treatment, there are some amazing benefits of choosing to have your IFV treatment in Greece. Greece is renowned for having: