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Check who the father is while you're still pregnant

parental paternity testSafe, non-invasive prenatal DNA test
parental paternity testRequires a cheek-swab sample from the father
parental paternity testConfirmations are over 99.99% accurate
parental paternity testDetermine paternity during pregnancy
Paternity test while pregnant

Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity test

Ultrasound Plus now offer safe, non-invasive tests that allow you to confirm the father's identity while you're still pregnant.

In the past, prenatal paternity confirmation required the invasive use of a long needle to extract amniotic fluid from the womb.

But state-of-the-art DNA testing technology has made it possible to confirm the biological father's identity before birth without disrupting the foetus's safe environment
Non invasive prenatal paternity test

How Does the DNA Test Work?

How Does the DNA Test Work?
  • We take a blood sample from the mother's arm (this will contain free-floating foetal cells)
  • The baby's DNA profile is checked against a cheek-swab sample from the possible father
  • This process uses next generation sequencing (NGS) to assess the probability of paternity
Prenatal paternity test

What Will My Test Results Say?

The tested male cannot be excluded as a biological parent. This means that there is a > 99.9% likelihood that he IS the baby's father.

The tested male was excluded as a biological parent. He IS NOT the baby's father.

Occasionally, the test returns an 'uninformative' result. If this happens, we cannot determine whether or not the tested male is the baby's father. In the event of an inconclusive result, we will request another sample and there is no extra charge for this.
Paternity test

Is a Prenatal Paternity Test Reliable?

If the possible father is excluded as a possible parent, there is a 100% probability that he is not the father. Confirmations of paternity are over 99.9% accurate.

Inaccurate test results are very rare, but may be caused by biological factors such as limited foetal DNA in the maternal blood sample, prior organ transplants / blood transfusions, and unrecognised twin pregnancies.

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