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What does an early pregnancy scan include?

A dating & assessment report
2 x 2D black and white images in a mounted card frame
A possible transvaginal / internal scan if views are not clear
20 minute appointment
No GP referral required

Have you just found out you’re expecting?

Make it all feel a bit more real with our Early Pregnancy scan from just 5 weeks gestation. Our comfortable private clinic will help make this exciting time even more special.

Our private early baby scan is recommended if you’re experiencing bleeding or pain, and if you have a history of miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, IVF treatment or long term medical conditions. All of the baby scans are performed by qualified sonographers who are experienced in the obstetric scanning area.

We recommend that you drink at least 1 pint (0.5ltr) of water prior to your scan so it’s easier for us to see a clear view. If possible, please refrain from emptying your bladder just before your scan.

What is the purpose of an early pregnancy scan?

An early pregnancy scan looks to confirm the viability of your pregnancy and confirm the gestation age. Measurement of the gestation sac will be taken and if possible, the crown rump length will also be measured. From 6+ weeks onward, we will also look to detect the foetal heartbeat so you can see to your little baby in the womb.

early scan

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Additional Extras

A6 2D B/W Image
A6 2D B/W Image £5.00

Early Pregnancy Scan FAQs

Do I need to drink water before my early pregnancy scan?

Yes, it is recommended that you drink approximately 1 pint of water at least 20 minutes prior to your scan. We recommend that you drink as much as you can but don’t make yourself uncomfortable. It is best if you do not empty your bladder before your scan.

Who will perform my scan?

We have a team of qualified sonographers who will provide your early pregnancy scan. They have extensive experience in ultrasound scanning and are accredited by either the Health Professional Council, The General Medical Council, or the Society of Radiographers. They work with the NHS alongside their role in our Ultrasound Plus clinics.

Does an internal scan always need to be performed?

No, an internal scan will only be performed if it is necessary. However, we do find that internal investigations can provide clearer views of your growing baby but this will be discussed with you by the Sonographer prior to any internal examination to obtain your consent.

Do I need to bring anything to my appointment?

Please be sure to bring your hospital notes (if you have them) to your appointment as this will help assist our Sonographers if a referral is needed.

Will I be told of any abnormalities during my scan?

If any abnormality is found during your early pregnancy scan, we will be sure to discuss this with you and provide a full report which will be forwarded to your health practitioner. Please bear in mind that our scans do not replace your NHS scans.

Do I still need to go to my NHS scans if I’ve had an Ultrasound Plus baby scan?

Yes. The services we provide are a complimentary service which works alongside the NHS, so it is important you still go to your NHS scan.

What happens in terms of referrals?

We advise all of our customers to make sure their GP/Healthcare Provider knows they intend to have a scan with us. When you arrive at your Early Pregnancy Scan appointment, we will ask you to complete a registration form that requests your GP/Healthcare Provider details. If you find your GP/Healthcare provider needs to be contacted due to something found in your scan, you will be responsible for doing so.

If I have medical insurance, can I claim for my scans?

You will need to pay for your Early Pregnancy Scan at Ultrasound Plus directly and an invoice will be provided. Any claims made are based on the insurance companies decision. Ultrasound Plus advises you double check whether you are covered by your medical insurance before booking your scan.

How many guests/children can come to my baby scan with me?

We’re more than happy to accommodate up to five guests during your appointment. We know this is a special moment that you will want to share with your family and friends, so just be sure to make us aware of any guests you’re bringing prior to your scan so we can facilitate this.
Ultrasound Plus testimonials
"We have now had 3 scans at the Brentwood branch, and the staff are lovely! This has been our favourite private clinic.. the sonographer Teresa is lovely, she explains everything in so much detail and doesn’t rush through the scan! No doubt we will be back again before our baby comes."Hayley Kitt
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