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Noticing a new lump or bump anywhere on your body can be quite concerning. If you’re worried about a new lump or bump, we recommend having it looked at for reassurance.

Our lumps and bumps ultrasound scan is designed to examine most parts of the body and focuses on determining the cause of abnormalities in your superficial tissue (the skin and muscle).

This lumps and bumps scan is suitable for patients 18 years or older. It will be performed by our professional sonographers who have years of musculoskeletal ultrasound scanning experience. Remove any jewellery from the affected area before attending your lumps and bumps ultrasound.

What does a lumps and bumps ultrasound scan involve?

Our lumps and bumps scan includes:
Detailed report and images
20 minute appointment

What is the purpose of a lumps and bumps ultrasound?

We use ultrasound images of your lump/bump to determine whether or not it poses any risk to your health. Our lumps and bumps ultrasound scan allows us analyse the swelling externally so you don’t have to undergo an invasive biopsy.

You might need a lumps and bumps scan if you’re suffering from any of the following: Soft tissue swellings, ganglions, cysts, skin changes, foreign bodies.

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Lumps and Bumps Ultrasound FAQs

Can I eat and drink before my lumps and bumps scan?

This is dependent on the location of the lump or bump. If it’s on your limbs, hands or feet, you should be able to eat or drink as normal. If it’s on your abdomen you may be required to fast for 6-8 hours prior to the scan.

Who will perform my lumps and bumps ultrasound?

All of the sonographers here at Ultrasound Plus are trained in musculoskeletal ultrasound. They are accredited by one of the following, The Health Professional Council, The General Medical Council or The Society of Radiographers. Many of them also work for the NHS alongside their role at Ultrasound Plus.

What do I need to wear for the scan?

Wear something comfortable. We will need to be able to access your lump or bump easily, so bear this in mind. You may need to change into a gown on arrival if not.

What should I bring to my lumps and bumps ultrasound?

Bring any medical notes your already have regarding your lump or bump. This will assist our sonographers if you require a referral.

Will you advise me of any abnormalities?

Our sonographers will give you’re their professional opinion of your lump or bump. If they determine that you require a medical referral, they will discuss this with you and provide a full medical report that you can show to your GP. You should not use our scans to replace any of your NHS scans.

Will I still need to visit the NHS if I’ve had a scan with you?

Yes, we don’t recommend using our services as an alternative to an NHS scan. These scans are designed to complement your NHS treatment (if required).

What happens if I need to be referred?

We recommend notifying your GP or healthcare provider before you attend your lumps and bumps scan. You will be asked to provide your GP’s details when you fill in our registration form. If our sonographers conclude that you need a referral, you are responsible for passing on our medical report to your GP/healthcare provider.
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