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Musculoskeletal Scans

Musculoskeletal scans use ultrasound imaging technology to produce images of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints throughout the body. Many conditions can be diagnosed with musculoskeletal scans as real-time imaging allows for a detailed examination of the affected area. This is particularly useful for identifying causes of pain and muscle and tendon tears. Ultrasound scans may be just one of the investigations you require; however, you should consult your GP to ensure that any other investigations can be arranged if necessary.

That being said, you do not need a GP referral to have a musculoskeletal scan at Ultrasound Plus. 

Prices Starting From £110.00

Upper Limb Scan


A detailed investigation analyses the arm area, including the elbow, wrist and hands. It aims to diagnose tendon tears, muscle tears, mass, fluid collection, sprains, inflammation and nerve entrapments.

Lower Limb Scan


This Musculoskeletal Scan provides a detailed investigation to help diagnose tendon tears, muscle tears, masses, fluid collection, sprains, inflammation or nerve entrapments in the leg area. This includes hip, thing, knee, ankle and foot area.

Lumps & Bumps Scan


This scan can be used to examine swellings, ganglions, cysts, skin changes or foreign bodies. Our lumps and bumps scan will provide reassurance by highlighting the cause and nature of the abnormality.

Neck Ultrasound


A scan to diagnose problems within the neck or throat tissue. This investigation will identify the cause and nature of any unidentified mass in your neck. Our neck ultrasound is a great alternative to a surgical biopsy.

Groin & Hernia Scan


This is a safe, pain-free procedure that uses ultrasound technology to examine a possible hernia. Most hernias can be identified without the need for a diagnostic scan; however, if your symptoms are inconclusive, this groin scan from Ultrasound Plus should give you an answer.

Frequently asked questions

Ultrasound gel will be placed on the affected area for scanning with an ultrasound probe. This allows our state-of-the-art technology to produce various images of the scanned area. You may be required to reposition yourself various times as this allows us to capture the anatomy as clearly as possible. 

An MSK scan is a non-invasive method of getting an insight into any unexplained aches and pains. These scans allow us to diagnose tendon, muscle, and ligament tears or sprains, inflammation, benign and malignant soft tissue tumours, ganglion cysts, hernias, foreign bodies in the soft tissues, soft tissue lumps, and much more. 

Yes, you can eat and drink ahead of your ultrasound taking place. 

One of our qualified sonographers will perform your scan. Each of our sonographers is accredited by either The General Medical Council, The Health Professional Council, or The Society of Radiographers. They also work within the NHS alongside their position here at Ultrasound Plus. 

We suggest that you wear something baggy, airy, and light to your appointment to avoid the need for a gown. 

If you have any hospital notes, bring them along to your appointment. This will aid our sonographers in the instance where a referral is required. 

Please note, our ultrasound services are not intended to replace NHS scans. If you require a medical referral, we will deliver a full report which you will need to pass on to your health practitioner. 

Yes, our ultrasound scans are to be used as an additional service alongside the NHS.

We recommend that our patients inform their GP/healthcare provider of their intention to attend an ultrasound with us. You will be asked to fill out a registration form detailing your GP/healthcare provider details upon arrival. In the instance that information needs to be shared with your GP/healthcare provider, it’s your responsibility to do so. 

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