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As you get older, the ligaments and tissue of your pelvis can become stretched and weakened (a process that is sometimes accelerated by giving birth). As a result, the organs in your pelvis – such as the uterus, bowel and bladder – can slip out of position and end up pushing against the vagina. This is known as pelvic organ prolapse. In severe cases, a lump may be noticed protruding through the entrance of the vagina.

Here at Ultrasound Plus, we offer female prolapse scan appointments for women who are concerned about pelvic organic prolapse. Common symptoms include:
  • Pain, discomfort or numbness in the vaginal area
  • A ‘heavy’ feeling in stomach / genitals
  • Lumps or bulges in the vaginal area
  • Feeling the need to urinate more often than usual
A prolapse scan can determine whether or not you are suffering from pelvic organ prolapse, allowing you to make an informed decision about what to do next. We can provide a female sonographer / consultant if you prefer – please mention this preference when you book.

What does a female prolapse scan include?

Our female prolapse scan includes:
Detailed report and images
May involve a transvaginal/internal scan
30 minute appointment

What is the purpose of a prolapse scan?

To identify whether or not the patient is affected by pelvic organ prolapse (pelvic organs slipping out of position due to the stretching and/or weakening of pelvic tissue and ligaments). If you require a female sonographer or a consultant, please speak with one of our advisors at the time of your booking.

Book now or email for more information about this scan.

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