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Reassurance Scan

What does a reassurance scan include?

For peace of mind throughout your pregnancy...

Our reassurance scan is here to put you at ease. If you have had pain, felt minimal baby movements or had any bleeding, our reassurance scan will check your baby’s health. We know pregnancy can be an anxious experience at times, especially when you can’t see what’s going on in your own body! A reassurance scan with our friendly team of qualified sonographers will make you feel better and put your mind at ease.

We recommend that you report any findings during your reassurance scan to your GP/Healthcare provider so they can refer you to the right place, if deemed necessary.

What is the purpose of a reassurance scan?

A reassurance scan is ideal for when you would like to confirm the health of your foetus. This can be at any stage of your pregnancy from just 13 weeks. We will also identify the placental position and you have the option of a free 4D sneak preview to see how your little one is getting along!

Book now or email for more information about this scan.

only £55.00

(Includes booking deposit of £20)

*Please Note for Multiple Pregnancies, there is an additional charge of £25 added to your package

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Additional Extras

A6 2D B/W Image

2D/3D Keyring

2D/3D Fridge Magnet

A6 2D/3D B/W Image

4 x 6 3D Colour Images

CD with 2D/3D Colour Images

2D/3D download images

Heartbeat Bear

2D DVD (Only Available From 12 - 22 Weeks)

Reassurance Scan FAQs

It is recommended that you drink at least 1 litre of water prior to your appointment so we have the best chance of seeing your baby.
Our team of qualified sonographers who also work for the NHS will perform your reassurance scan and will be sure to make you feel welcome at all times.
If you have any hospital notes, please bring these along to your appointment. These will help assist the sonographer if a referral is needed after your scan.
If you have had a scan with us, you still need to visit the NHS for your appointments. We provide a complimentary service alongside the NHS.
It is important to let your GP/midwife know if you plan to have a reassurance scan with us at Ultrasound Plus. Prior to your appointment, we will provide you with a registration form which will also require your GP/midwife’s details. It is your responsibility to let them know the results of your scan.

Ultrasound Plus will advise you to discuss your findings with your GP &/or midwife. If you wish, Ultrasound Plus can also provide you with details on where you can receive further follow up tests.

If you need some company during your scan, you are more than welcome to bring along up to five friends and family with you.

“We have now had 3 scans at the Brentwood branch, and the staff are lovely! This has been our favourite private clinic.. the sonographer Teresa is lovely, she explains everything in so much detail and doesn’t rush through the scan! No doubt we will be back again before our baby comes.”

Hayley Kitt